Covid Safety Shield

Covid-19 has changed the way we operate in the world. Hygiene and social distancing are now a critical part of your company’s operations. That includes employee transport. We know you are committed to your employees’ safety and as your trusted partner, SmartCommute will enable you to reach your goal.

Containment zone-based rostering
(powered by GeoSpoc)

  • • Monitor Covid containment zones as announced by local body & state governments
  • • Automatic removal of rosters of employees from Containment zones from routing
  • • Notifications to Containment zones employees whose rosters have been removed


SmartCommute has partnered with GeoSpoc ( to power this solution and to help you respond to the Covid-19 situation for the safety of your employees. With their timely and up-to-date containment zone database, GepSpoc has helped the industry plan a recovery from Covid-19.

Covid Screened Drivers
(powered by Swasthya)

SmartCommute drivers are screened for Covid-19 symptoms on a daily basis using Swasthya. SmartCommute leverages its technology platform for digital screening and monitoring of our drivers for Covid-19. Swasthya’s panel of medical doctors screen any drivers that are flagged for a risk profile. Drivers that have a high risk score are automatically disabled for deployment. This ensures that only Covid safe drivers who are deployed on trips.


  • •   AI algorithm conforming to WHO and CDC guidelines
  • •   Algorithm verified by doctors at Harvard and Stanford
  • •   Powered by Swasthya (

Covid Aware Rostering

SmartCommute has enhanced rostering capabilities to ensure social distancing compliant as per government directives while commuting as well as employee travel and attendance policy of your organization.


  • Limit Employees – Limit maximum employees in a vehicle to reduce employee count per vehicle.
  • Bind Employees – Bound employees will be routed together. This will avoid frequent changing of co-passengers.
  • Rostering Rules – Set rules on when and which employees can travel to work.

Covid Checklist

SmartCommute enables you to verify and confirm Covid safety of the vehicle and driver before starting the trip by tracking checkpoints like the vehicle being sanitized, sanitizer bottle in the vehicle, driver wearing mask, etc.

Contactless Employee Check-ins

Our solution is enabled for contactless check-ins by employees using OTPs and QR codes. This ensures that the drivers and employees do not need to touch each other’s devices.

Sanitized Cabs

Our cabs are regularly sanitized. We also maintain a regular supply of hand sanitizer in the cab for use by all commuting employees.