Technology Solution Features

Automated Rostering

Why do manual, erroneous rostering in the age of information technology? SmartCommute allows you to gather and authorize travel requests directly from the employees into the system with ease and convenience. Our rostering system also allows you to cater to special needs of your employees thus improving employee satisfaction.


•  Eliminate manual error-prone rostering

•  Gather rostering requests from web portal as well as mobile app
•  Employee self-rostering as well as SPOC rostering by project leads/operations managers
•  Reduce request closure time window
•  Allow late cancellations without turning into No Shows
•  Accommodate special requests like Couple-in-same-cab, Pregnant Woman, Special health needs
•  Assign employees to branches and projects

AI based One-click Routing

We understand your frustrations and limitations when it comes to doing manual routing with hundreds of vehicles and thousands of employees. SmartCommute’s one-click routing allows you to have routing completed automatically with the click of a button. The rule based AI engine factors in various complexities like road & traffic conditions, cluster affinity, special needs, past data to create the most optimal set of routes. In case you require, the system also allows manual intervention if and when required by allowing you to edit automatically created routes.You can rely on our solution to provide you most optimal routing which drastically improves your vehicle utilization while ensuring employee satisfaction.


  • •   Automated Static & Dynamic routing
  • •   Geocoding of locations
  • •  Door to door and Nodal
  • •   Automatically incorporates all special rostering requests
  • •  Manual edit & finalize override
  • •   Improved vehicle utilization
  • •   Improved employee satisfaction

Digital Trip Allocations

Say bye-bye to printing and distribution of paper trip sheets. With SmartCommute you can ensure allocation of only vehicles and drivers which have cleared compliance and verifications. The trip sheets are automatically pushed to the drivers through the devices. With our digital system you can ensure fair allocation of trips to vendors.


•  Allocation of compliant and verified vehicles and drivers only
•  Electronic Trip sheet distribution
•  Electronic employee checkin/checkout using OTP, QR codes, etc
•  Automatic trip closures within geo fence
•  GPS based navigation assistance for drivers
•  Automatic cab arrival ETA notifications to employees
•  No show marking for drivers

Compliance & Verification

SmartCommute maintains comprehensive compliance and verification information for every vehicle and driver on the system like registration, insurance, license, etc. Only compliant and verified vehicles and drivers can be assigned to trips, ensuring the safety of your employees. The system sends automated reminders to vendors and your operations team when statutory compliances are due for renewal. If the compliance is not renewed by the end date, the vehicle or driver is automatically without any manual intervention is removed from inventory which can be deployed to service.


•  Vehicle: Registration, Permits, Insurance
•  Drivers: License, Background checks, Police verification
•  Only compliant and verified vehicles and drivers can be allocated to trips
•  In time renewal reminders
•  Auto removal from inventory if renewal not completed by due date
•  Drop zone check list management for SLA compliance


Realtime Tracking & Monitoring

We know that On Time Arrival (OTA) is of paramount importance to your business. No more wondering where your vehicles are on the road and crossing your fingers till the vehicles and employees reach office. No more getting information post facto without ability to fix it proactively. No more calls from irritated and frustrated employees. No more calls to clueless drivers. No more opacity in your operations.
SmartCommute lifts the curtain for you and now provide you with God’s own eye in the sky, which allows you track and monitor your vehicles right from when the trip sheet is pushed till the employees reach their destinations safely.The system also provides a detailed GPS based view into how the trip was executed, at what location and time the employees checked in/out of the vehicle, detours, stoppages, speeding and aberrations, if any.


•  Vehicle location heatmap – Monitor all vehicles in real-time
•  Delay risk management –Shows exact status of all running trips highlighting potential delay risks.
•  Improved On-Time-Arrival – Proactively manage by exception only for potentially delayed trips
•  Pickup & Drop Cockpit – Dashboard view of status of all completed and planned pickups & drops
•  Replay of completed trips for root cause analysis to setup corrective plan
•  80-90% drop in help desk calls

Smart Stakeholders Communication

Is your transport team hassled managing calls from employees, drivers, vendors, project managers? Are invaluable man hours being drained addressing these calls? Is it leading to frustration and stress to your project lead & teams and employees as well?
SmartCommute leverages cutting edge technology to untangle this mess. Employee now would know where exactly their cab is and how long it would take to reach their home. Employees will automatically be alerted on cab arrivals.’ No Shows’ will communicate real time to apt stake holders and the operations team, Cab drivers would know the exact home location of the employee and won’t have to call for directions. Admin team would know in real time, if there are delays and the root cause of delays… The list goes on.
Re-imagine a hassle-free commute management experience for everyone.


•  Reduce Employee grievance – Employee can check vehicle location and ETA in real-time on maps
•  Accurate vehicle approaching notification to Employee
•  No show communication and automated handling
•  Automatically pushed trip sheets with map-based routing for drivers
•  Vehicle locations and on-time arrival status for transport team
•  One click reports for various stakeholders


Safety & Risk Management

SmartCommute provides end to end employee safety and risk management. Right from pre-boarding till arrival at destination, we ensure that your employee is safe and secure.


•  Intelligent realtime safety risk evaluation – Our battle field tested technology continually monitors the vehicles and the tripevents on a real time basis (e.g.: location/time correctness, speeding, stoppages, deviations, device disablement, SOS etc.) for potential safety risk. Intelligent algorithms deploy advanced techniques make sure that potential risks are trapped effectively while avoiding unnecessary false alarms.
•  Safe drop confirmation – Once the employee has alighted the cab,the system intelligently detects the event, time and location and checks for the correctness of the same. Aberrations are immediately alerted to the Control Room team for action. Also, in a few minutes post alighting the cab the employee receives an automated Safe Drop Confirmation call. If the employee doesn’t confirm the Control Room is alerted to swing into action to validate risk and take necessary actions.
•  SOS – Employee’s app has a SOS button which when pressed the Control Room is intimated immediate with the geo coordinates and audio / video of surroundings. The Control Room swings into action to validate the SOS and take necessary actions.
•  Escort management – When a trip has a first pickup or last drop for women or other applicable employees, the routing system will automatically allocate an escort to the cab. The trip cannot be started unless the escort is onboard and provides a real-time OTP.
•  Call patching – Drivers do not have access to the phone numbers but are still able to call and communicate with them using our call patching software.
•  Women only situations – If anytime during trip, women ends up being alone in the cab in an unplanned event, the system automatically detects this and alerts the control room which monitors and takes appropriate action.

Automated Billing

As a large multi-geography corporation, various locations in your organization may have multiple models of Billing, viz, FTE, Google Kms, Reckoner Kms, Flat trip, Slab trip, package, etc. Most companies need between 5 to 15 days to finalise the billing which adds to the delays in releasing of payments. With SmartCommute you get the ability to automatically bill various vehicles/vendors on multiple models within the same location. This means very short TAT and better payment cycle management. The system is designed to be able to also:


•  Uniquely identify Planned capacity vs deployed capacity
•  Create comprehensive MIS of all trips
•  Prepare employee wise/project wise costing
•  Handle automated penalties both related to OTA, OTD, dropzone checklist, etc
•  Automated billing with ability to address different billing models in the same location
•  Provide fair cab allocation analysis and reports
•  Google Run Kms with Base Run, Dry Run and Trip Run


Reports & Analytics

Gain key insights and perspectives on performance and efficiency of your transport operations using SmartCommute’s comprehensive reporting and analytics module. Use various reports to do root cause analysis of specific incidences as well as scenarios and setup effective corrective plans.


•  On Time Arrival Reports
•  No Show Reports
•  Trip Reports
•  Trip Delay Root Cause Analysis
•  Project Wise Analytics (delays, on time, no show, cost)
•  Safe Drop Confirmation Reports
•  Employee Feedback Reports
•  Compliance Reports
•  Checklist Reports